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I am, my student number is that I in May 11, 2015 to participate in the strategic management of the exam the teacher out of the examination room, and that makes me suspect that I take off the jacket with the notes, the notes to her, and then the next I would like to elaborate on.

That day, I took my test data for review at starbucks review, then I saw many students took notes and hear them say you can bring notes into the exam and this exam will be very easy. I thought this exam modify provisions into the notes can be brought into the examination room.

Prior to this, all the papers are Flip on the table, because of my position in the last few, I did not hear clearly in front of the teacher is saying.

When the exam begins, I opened the papers, I found the volume surface clearly written unseen closed-book examination, I began to feel confused when I am done quickly choice questions, I am ready to bigger questions, I looked up Look around to check that no one notes, at this moment, I decided to start writing a good income notes relieved my big problem, when I want to move the body of the notes pants pocket when he was the teacher he found out and brought me out of the examination room .

When the teacher told me that I have notes suspect and let me take off his jacket, I was reluctant to her, because I do so I admit I'm the equivalent of cheating, but in fact I did not want incentive to cheat. At that time the teacher's attitude is very firm, I was nervous, so