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Information Report

What is an Information Report?

An information report is a text that presents information about a subject. Its purpose is to present information on a given topic and draw conclusions based on the information.

Features of an Information Report

Constructing an information report:

A typical information report has an opening statement introducing the subject followed by a series of sections about the subject. Each new section describes a feature of the subject. An information report also includes a conclusion that summarises the information presented and signals the end of the report.

Grammatical features of an information report:

• Technical language related to the subject • Use of the timeless present tense (happened yesterday, today and tomorrow) e.g. “The text is an exploration of growing up” • Use of objective and formal language (No personal pronouns) eg. “This a very interesting text” NOT “ I think this is a very interesting text” • Use of short and direct sentences

Format features of an information report:

• Use of headings and sub-headings • Appropriate and selective use of dot points • Appropriate and selective use of diagrams and images

Presentation of an information report:

• Title page • Introduction • Main part • Conclusions • Bibliography


| |
|Introduction |
| |
|A statement that tells the audience what the text is about |
|A short description of the subject |
|A definition of the subject |
|The appropriate and selective use of dot points |
| |
|Main Part |