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PART ONE - Background of the Operations (10%)

 Identify an organisation with which you are familiar and briefly describe its general and business context - purpose, size, competitors, customers, and recent performance.
 Discuss the main external factors that affect the organisation. PART TWO - Transformation Processes and Evaluation of the Operations (60%)

 Describe the main operations of the organisation in terms of inputs, transformation processes, and outputs.
 Analyse the organisation in terms of the four V’s of operations management - volume, variety, variation, and visibility. (If your chosen organisation is very diversified you may find it easier to consider different products/services that the organisation offers, rather than considering the organisation as a whole)
 Evaluate what each of the five operations performance objectives means to the organisation and which factors are most valued by its customers (again this might be different for different products/services).

PART THREE - Process Design (30%)

Identify a key process within your chosen organisation, which you would be involved with as an operations manager:  Describe the layout and the flow of customers, materials, or information, as appropriate.
 Discuss what you think are the main objectives of the process design, and whether or not these objectives are being achieved.
 Describe how control and feedback mechanisms might be used within the process.

Your written report should be limited to 1500 words plus diagrams. To exceed