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The aim of the project we chose was to provide Jack and Rose the most unforgettable memories for their wedding ceremony. The initial reason why our team selected this topic was that one of our team members had an experience to plan a wedding for her parents. She was very knowledgeable about how to plan and prepare for a wedding. Moreover, if people were asked to answer what is the most beauteous memory you want in our life? We think that most people, especially girls, would blurt out “that must be the wedding ceremony”. As all our group members are girls, we are qualified to speak on this question. And for this reason, we finally decided to determine our project as wedding services. The word “wedding” will help people to feel instantly happier, because “wedding” always represents sweet memories, beautiful love stories and impressive moments. Probably, in every girl’s mind, she may have a blueprint about her wedding since she was a child. In the drama “Friends,” one of the actresses “Monica”, she made a book, which was full of the wedding information, since her elementary school even though her wedding was held 20 years later. Thus, it can be seen that she very expected her wedding. Most girls have the same expectation as Monica did as well. Most people consider their wedding as a perfect dream. The ceremony should be absolutely perfect. Furthermore, the wedding is also an emotional catalyst that deepens couple’s love, which makes the wedding ceremony a special occasion. Our team’s mission here is to provide Jack and Rose a perfect beach wedding and we have to make sure everything is ready before the wedding day. Each team member held