Report of Kitchen Appliances Essay

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Report of Kitchen Appliances R

Table of Contents
Introduction 1
Discussion and Analysis 1
Sales/profit by Manufacturer/Category 2
Future Sales 2
Conclusion 3
Recommendation 3

First of all, we want to talk about why we should to make this report. This report is to explain and analysis the George’s profits for each product sold, and in particular by both manufacturer and category of product.He asked RMIT student to design a system to help George calculate the cost of customer and he also wants some analysis of the profit achieved for the different types of appliances that he sells and a determination of the price which he should be selling products for if he is to obtain his desired profit for each appliance. The students will decide a best method to use a spreadsheet calculator to deal with these sales data requirement, in George. Though that way he can see all of the data changed in this reportclearly.
Discussion and Analysis
Profitability of Sales by Product: For the sale of fridges which bought by Simon Smerelli in July 5th and the other one is bought by Michael Long in July 15th, there appear two deficits $-4.80 in total profit. It means George cannot earn money from fridges, and he must sustain losses in business. It is a terrible thing for businessman. So if he can improve the price of fridges, he will solve this situation. Compare to ovens which bought by AAA Builders in July 11st and the other one which bought by Kitchen Concepts in July 13th, each of both sales had get the total profit $1,204.15; they all sold as high prices $2,804.15. George can earn more money from these high price categories.
Sales/profit by Manufacturer/Category: In this area, we can see the most profitable manufacturer is Fisher and Paykel which has a total sale of $13627.2 and total profit of $5237.2. And the percentage of profit of this manufacturer is 39.09% which is the highest one in all of the manufacturers. George can get highest profit from Fisher and Paykel.
After that, we can see the highest total sale of category is Rangehoods which the value is $4,511.35 and the total profit is $1,571.35. After calculated, we get the percentage of profit is 34.83%. Though this information, we can find that although the total of sales is high, but the total profit is not high enough. If it is always like this, it can be said that George will losses a lot of money in the future. And the other insufficient point is ovens in category. It has highest total of sale, but low percent of profit compare to others in category. This factor may be become another loss in the future of George’s company.
Future sales: In our opinion, I suggest you to delete the cooktops in category. Because of the total profit