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Report of Paper Topic

You are expected to read the requirement of term paper (you can find the document of term paper in dropbox) and decide a topic of your own paper. Please upload your answers to dropbox under “paper report” by Dec. 1.

1. There are many different opinions pertaining to the criminal justice system in the united states. A common opinion is that the system has both pros and cons. The system is both good and bad based on several different things. Personal experience can have a major influence on a person's view on the system, along with depending on what branch of the system that person has dealt with. This paper will cover some examples of the faults the Criminal Justice System. Including the lengthy time period it takes to convict someone of a crime, how wealthy people can overcome most crimes with minimal punishment, and letting some criminals off with no punishment at all. It will also go over some of the positive effects which helps the country. It prevents gross injustice, helps eliminate crime, and gets criminals off the street. Another major advantage of the Criminal Justice System is that it provides a large amount of employment opportunities. One other aspect of the system is legal representation. A couple disadvantages of that are wealthier people can afford better representation and get off on lesser charges, and people with less money have to rely on taxpayer's money to fund the representation. One advantage is the right to be represented despite how much money a person may have.

2. Please answer the following questions:

1) What is the theme font you are required to use in your term paper (e.g., size of your text? Arial? Time new Roman? Single space? ) Times New Roman 12 Font and Double Spaced

2) How many minimum references you are expected to include in your term paper?
3) How many pages are required for your text part (not including title page and reference part)?
4) What are the main differences between academic writing and oral English?
Spoken English is less