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Summary of Articles

Social networking websites causes risks to users as information can be identified by the wrong people. When creating social networking profiles, users tend to put a lot of personal information, and allow their online friends to view these personal information. When users create an online profile they have to take into consideration what sort of information they are going to advertise reason for this, their information will be stored by the online social network. For e.g. when creating an account with Facebook, if you read the terms and conditions of Facebook, it states that any information disclosed on Facebook will be kept stored by Facebook. Information on social networking websites spreads faster than a real-life network. Information that is shown on social networking websites can be easily copyable, and can be stored by other people without the knowledge of the account holder. Revenues are generated through information that users upload; this is a strategic way for social networking websites to make money. In order for social networking websites to make money they send relevant ads to the relevant target audience. Users are left vulnerable to harms, as they cannot bargain about the terms of which their information is disclosed. Users are not aware, that information that they publish, is being taken by the social networking website. Users do not have control over their own information on social networking sites, this leaves them to be insecure and