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Intergraded Science
Murder Report
23 September 2013
Mr. Alberant
Murder Mystery

My job in this case was to investigate the murder of Matt Zuengler. I needed to eliminate the people to find the true blooded killer of this case. The suspects were John Fisher, Dan Albrecht, Shana Watson, Dan Newel, Brack Gillespie, and Joelle Zuengler. To eliminate some of the suspects I did some tests. The tests done where blood tests, hair analysis, and fingerprints. My first test started out as blood testing. I tested blood that was found on the victim, the victim’s car, the cabin where the body was found, and a tire iron which was found by the victim’s car. I compared the blood from the crime scene to the blood taken by the suspects. The procedure was to take one drop of blood from each of the crime scenes and put the blood in three different test trays. In one of the trays I put one drop of Anti A on the blood. On another drop of blood, I would put a drop of Anti B on it, and then I would put RH on the last drop of blood. If Anti A clumped up and changed color, then I knew it was A negative blood type. If the blood clumped with Anti B and changed a different color, then I knew it was B negative blood type. Finally, if RH clumped and a changed a different color, then it was O positive blood type. Then if Anti A and RH both reacted, but not Anti B, then the blood type would be A positive. Also if Anti B and RH both reacted, but not Anti A, then the blood type was B positive. If all of the blood samples reacted, the blood type would be AB positive, but if only Anti A and Anti B reacted and not RH, then the blood type would be AB negative. If none of the blood reacted with the Anti A, B or Rh then blood type would be O negitive. After all the tests, I found that the blood on the victim, victim’s car, tire iron, and the blood in the cabin were all B positive blood type. The next step I took in the case was to look at the hair analysis. Detectives collected a hair sample from the suspects’ car and hair samples from the victim’s cabin, clothes, and victim’s car. I took each hair sample from the crimes scene and looked under a microscope. I could then tell if the hair was animal or human hair. I concluded that all three crime scene hair samples where animal hair. My third piece of evidence was to look at the fingerprints from the crime scene and compare them to Dan Newel and Dan Albrecht. Fingerprints were found on the tire iron and the cabin. Then finger prints where taken by the two suspects. I closely identified the fingerprints under a hand-held magnifying glass. What I was looking for was patterns and how the grooves looked. I looked at the tire track to determine if the tire tracks matched his car. The tracks found at the crime scene were wide square like shapes, with diagonal marks on the outside of the tire. They tires didn’t leave much of an imprint. It looked like the grooves of the tires were not as deep grooves.
The last piece of evidence was the maggots. All the maggot’s combined length determines how long the victim has been dead. I then measured the maggots with a ruler and a magnifying glass getting precise measurements on each maggot. I added up all the maggots’ length, and added them all together. I compared the length of the maggots to see how many days the victim has been dead.
For the blood testing I took blood samples from each suspect. John Fisher reacted to Anti-A, but no other type of blood tests concluding that Fisher has A negative blood. Dan Albrecht reacted to both Anti-B and RH, but not Anti-A in a result in B positive blood. Shana Watson didn’t react to any of the test given an outcome of O negative blood. Dan Newel had the same as Dan Albrecht with reacting to only Anti-B and Rh and not Anti-A. Dan Newel also had B positive blood. Brack Gillespie and Joelle Zuengler both tested positive for all the test given causing Brack and Joelle to both have AB positive blood. My final test was