Report On The Survey Of Student Use Of Library Services At UEC

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Report on the survey of student usage of library services at UEC
Executive Summary
This report looks at a survey on the use of the library by students from Universal English College. It divides into:the library problems ran into;the service used and the main services needed.The results point to a need for:arranging time reasonable;providing more books;the library just for reading and homework;offering a small room for computer
This report is concerned with the creation of the library by students at universal English college.It looks at the problems students have with the library service,the library Service used by students during self-access,and the students want to add to the library needs.
All business need to offer services that keep their customers satisfied. For an English language college this can take the form of good teaching staff, an excellent library and good service that can improve the student’s ablity and provide more useful information from many sources.One of the best ways to gain
This access is through the library.However.if the services do not meet the student’s needs,this may have a negative impact on students’ satisfaction.Morever.these sevice require space ,time and some equipment,and a college needs to know that the investment is being used in the most beneficial way.
The survey
In order to find out if students’ needs were being satisfied in the area of library services,a survey was proposed.(see Appendix A) and seventy students were polled.students were asked about whatproblems they had, what services they need,and which more services they wanted to need.
From figure 1 it can be seen that students have a percentage of ”often” was choosed twenty-six percent of students surveyed.This is double the percentage of students who not often go to the library(50%) .A slightly lower lower percentage of students never go to the library(24%)
Figure 2 show the materials most need by the students surveyed.It can be seen from this chart that research is the most popular for using books with 46%.The second most common use is DVDs(32%).This was followed by computer at 22%.
The final graph,figure 3,illustrates that the students want to do in the library and presents some results.Forty six percent of students said they read in the library.The second most percentage of sthudents just do homework(38%),and tripe the number