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French Connection UK In this report, I will critical investigate about an analysis of a high-street fashion retailer, FCUK. French connection UK abbreviated as FCUK, which was founded in 1972 by Stephen Marks, this company are famous, cause it has unique slogan, high quality products and controversial four-letter acronym (Fitzek, 2004), but after 2000 company were losing their customer. For giving a fully analysis, I will use PESTLE framework in major macro environment description, then a customer behavior research, a SWOT analysis will be contained in this article.

PESTEL Analysis

Recently, UK’s customer tend to spend less money on prioritise expenditure, the reason is the increasing number of unemployment, accounting to BBC’s statistics (2012), there are 2.67 millions unemployed people in January, lead to it is hard to turn footfall into sales, Therefore, FCUK want to tempt customer by giving discount for stores and online, but this cannot help FCUK for a long turn, Fitzek (2004) mentioned that FCUK are disconnected with consumers.
Although the company has 70 stores in UK, online shop is large part of , because this is fast and convenient for people who do not want to go to the physical store, and they are able to see other buyer’s common as well, all of these provide a seamless multichannel shopping experience,
Socio Cultural
In 2000, it is company’s golden period, they rebranded itself, and use specious slogan, all of these give FCUK a unique brand image, and this sour of things was what young people exactly crazy about at the moment, and they aimed a right marketing target between 18 and 32, and become a worldwide range business soon. However, as fashion