Report on Adf's Collaboration with Manpower Essay

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Executive Summary This report provides a review and analysis of the collaboration between a change management consultancy firm DFR (a business unit of Manpower) and the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Through examination of the factors that led to the collaboration, the goals of the collaboration and how the practices internally aligned to the goals, to the change in organisational culture and the HR system that supported this, it is apparent that the collaboration, though challenging and the first of it’s kind helped bring about an improvement in the recruitment of candidates to the ADF.

Facing increasing scrutiny over costs the ADF undertook a review of the recruitment functions in the army, navy and airforce
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* Achievement of a more competitive position in the market under changing labour market conditions
As Kleinman (2007, p10) suggests, organisations can achieve competitive advantage by achieving outcomes for both the employee and the organisation. The ADF through a creation of a culture of continuous improvement promoting and supporting learning, reinforcing their organisational values through reward systems, providing flexible working arrangements and staff operating in organisational cells have all resulted in a more competitive position being achieved a evidenced by recruitment survey undertaken which found that the DFR had less than 6% attrition in the first 6 months, over 50% of their staff were positive in attitude and their focus was on high customer service and achieving targets, whilst the most successful outcome was demonstrated improvement in the calibre and number of recruited candidates. * The ability to leverage national marketing, research, resourcing and technology in the recruitment industry by partnering with a leading industry provider of recruitment solutions
Through outsourcing of the recruitment function to form a collaborative alliance with the DFR, the ADF have access