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I will Leave No One Behind
Extended Essay of We Were Soldiers

The Vietnam War was a nightmare for many soldiers. It re-defined the meaning of war to an entire generation. As the conflict grew it became known around the world that this was a war that could not be won. After this was realized by America the main focus became to "get out" instead of "getting a victory". In the 2002 film We Were Soldiers, directed by Randall Wallace, a true account of the first major battle in Vietnam is given. At the beginning of the film he introduces to us many of the soldiers and their families. This is a very smart technique, because it ensures that the audience not only will care about each one, but also tell them apart. Wallace exemplifies
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During the night when the battle had been suppressed, we learn pretty much a life story about Joe as he talks to Lt. Moore. Yet again we have a sane view to war when Joe explains to Moore, that he thought he could learn more about a war from behind a camera than from behind a rifle. From this point on Joe becomes a vital character because he soon learns that he cannot stay behind the camera at all times. He will have to get behind a rifle soon however to save his own life. Finally there is the helicopter pilot, Lt. Jack Geoghagen(played by Chris Klein), who constantly is witnessing the horror of war first hand as he takes men to the battlefield and bring them back. Although Jack does not appear as much as many of the other characters, he is an important aspect to the overall story. And in the end he saves the life of Moore, Plumer, and countless other soldiers as they are running into a heavily fortified base. This is the scene where Jacks abilities as a helicopter pilot are really tested. For he has to use the machine guns on the helicopter to knock out the whole base before Moore and his troops get there. In other movies such as Platoon and Apocalypse Now the Vietcong are portrayed as being evil monsters who are less human and more demon. This is not so in We Were Soldiers. The Vietcong are seen as humans who take orders, just like the Americans. There is one scene were a Vietcong soldier is reading a letter from his wife. This