Reporting Practices And Ethics

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Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper
Yusara Millan
University of Phoenix
Kathleen Galuszka
November 16, 2010

Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper In the health care environment financial practices and ethical care finance is very important to produce successfully organizations. In the health care industry and in any business ethical and financial practices are adopted to increase the organization value and consumer confident as well as protected the services or products provide by the organization and maintain the organizations brand name. In the health care industry no patient will want to attend a hospital in which the dead rate is above 50 percentages annually, it will
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Controlling: this is the ability to monitor and follow-up the different systems and procedure to change anything if need it. The four functions of management help the facilities function properly and give the management the opportunity to resolve any issue or obstacle that may present as well as the opportunity to growth and make them better to perform and utilized the resources around them. Management is responsible for starting and maintaining an effective method of internal control. The budget control is necessary and must be regulate to increase productivity, and assets, a financial report or accounts summary explains in detail and provide records of the planned revenues, and expenditures as well as any current transactions during the accounting cycle. All the organizations have a set of Federal Principles, which determines acceptable cost. Every organization is require to meet the adequate operating needs, therefore cash management function helps any organization establish a set of policies and procedures to ensure that federal funds are not withdraw unreasonable from the organization and payments are made properly to the programs (May 1994). According to Ethical Behavior by Companies Benefit Society and Business (June 13, 2009), when applying ethical business practices, says that business should ensure that the production of its services should be environmentally ecological and every human involve in the production should