Reports Of The Highlands County, Florida Sheriff's Office

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Ayana Dharrampaul
Dr Unterberger
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Nobodies * April 20,1997 at around 10 pm, the Highlands County, Florida sheriff’s office receives a report of a shooting and a dead body * At the scene of the crime, there was an empty van parked beside a lonely,narrow lane There was a man lying face down in a pool of blood. * The man was shot in the back of the head. * Witness gave a description of a truck which belonged to Ramiro Ramos, the local labor contractor. * Usually labor contractors control every aspect of their employees’ lives. This person provides food, housing, and transportation to and from work. * Ramos, otherwise known as “El Diablo”, had a .45-caliber bullet stashed away in his truck. * He was brought in for questioning at the sheriff’s office along with his son and a cousin. Claimed to have no knowledge of the shooting * Victims name was Ariosto Roblero, a Guatemalan van driver for the sevicio de transporte. * The van belonged to an informal bus company. It was heading from South Florida, where orange season was ending , to North Carolina, where cucumber season was beginning. * Roblero stopped to make a pickup at Lake Placid. As the van waited, a car and a pickup truck raced and blocked the van off. Men jumped out of the vehicles, yanked the victim out of the van and shot him * El Diablo was lending money to his workers, then overcharing them for their housing, charging them a ridiculous amount of