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Charles was the man
All hope was lost; The Republic of Vicks had unexpectedly gone down in battle to The Kingdom of Edi. They knew their attack was a failure. The President of the Republic of Vicks, Michael Vick, was shocked about this disastrous result for his nation. He slumped on his chair and was very depressed about what had just occurred. There was a knock on his office door. He opened it and all his generals came into his office. They could see he was furious. Before the defence chief could speak, Michael exclaimed “What happened out there? You said it would be fine and that we would crush The Kingdom of Edi in 48 hours but now they’re holding and… advancing.” One General stated “They were more willed than us sir.” Michael Vick drew his gun and shot the General through the head. He then said “Let that be an example to you all of you!” The Generals looked in shock and walked out of the room in stunned disbelief.
Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Edi there were wild celebrations. They were praying to the statue of Mark, who was the first King, and singing praises about his son Edward. People now say that Edward is a better commander than his Father was. In the royal palace there were lots of celebrations and the people were still in shock, none more than the king himself. He had a call from Rowan, the supreme leader of the federation of Aurkes. Rowan congratulated him on his success and then they were talking about the eastern front. Edward asked “How long till you can take back your land?” Rowan sighed and stated “It is not looking good my friend.” After they hung up, The Kingdom of Edi generals came into the king’s private quarter and said “What is your next move, your royal highness?” He looked around the room and said quite calmly “We are going to kill every last one of those thugs.” The generals nodded and began drinking their champagne. On the streets of the city of Abdul, there was waving of flags and people chanting “Long live the king.” Amongst the excitement there was journalist from the Republic of Vicks on the streets. When they found out, they gathered rocks and beat him to death. The people became frenzied and resented anyone from the Republic of Vicks but now adored their new, victorious king.
The Western front was bloody with people dying everywhere. The gruesome horror of war was captured in this dairy entry, on the 26th of June, by a Republic of Vicks soldier, Private Charles Cling. “There are dead bodies everywhere. When I walked out of the compound there were pools of blood, even when the ground was flooding. I never thought I would see Blood mixed with mud. Here I sit with my best friend’s dead body next to me. He had a wife and three children. He used to talk about how he was going to make a business selling shoes. Now I see his cracked skull and flies coming in and out of his mouth.”
Nearly every solider was growing with contempt towards this needless and escalating war. They blamed one person for this, the president himself, Michael Vick. There were major protests. At a port craft there was a workers riot that killed 1788 people. All, except four of them were workers. When the army went into the port they opened fire and killed everyone in sight. This was a very strange move for Michael. It was now looking that the greatest pacifist the world had ever seen had become a ruthless tyrant. People now knew that he would do anything for supremacy.
After soldiers heard about these abominable killings with the riot, they were disgusted, none more than Private Charles Cling. He was a committed soldier from an aristocratic family. He was faithful unto death to the President. Now he was questioning this. For the first time in his short, twenty year life, he doubted his high ideals. He was caught in the conflict between his values about justice and his unflinching support for the king.
Later that night, he was tossing and turning about this very matter. At midnight he decided to go for a…