Can You Think Of Yourself As A Strategically Operating Entity

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You are required to produce a podcast to be uploaded to a closed Youtube account. (Refer to the instructions under the General Resources tab).
Review the work you did in the group assessment for the review of the strategic position of an entity and now consider YOURSELF the most important entity of all. You have stakeholders, you have competencies, you have aspirations, you have performance pressures and you likely do not have a strategic plan in place against which you measure yourself regularly.
Present a short and succinct strategic review of yourself as a sustainable, productive entity and provide specific and well-supported conclusions and recommendations. Use the format of the group strategic report, obviously in a much scaled-back scope, to cover important areas that apply to yourself.
Marking criteria
Can you think of yourself as a strategically operating entity?
Can you somewhat objectively analyse yourself using the appropriate strategic analysis tool(s)?
Are your competency assessments realistic?
Can you craft well-supported conclusions?
Did you demonstrate that you can develop recommendations that flow from your conclusions and are achievable?

Lecture said in Facebook:
You need to define where you want to be in 15-20 years, what skills you have (SWOT), what skills you will need to achieve this (PEST), and how you will obtain those skills.

SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats)

Strengths: (strategies—develop, focus,communicate,brand strengths) advantages unique & low-cost resources factors mean that you “ get the sale”

Weakness: dis, limitations what you could improved factors lose your sales

Opportunities: chances to improve performance good opportunities can you spot

Threats external trouble for the business obstacles do you face what your competitors are…