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Business Research
Tim Dingman
January 30, 2012
Dr. Gartside

Business Research
There is tons of business research that takes place within my company. My workplace deals with orthopedic implants that are put into patients in need. There are many competitors in this field with many different products. Some of these products only have slight differences from each other that can make a big deal in surgery and the preference of the surgeon. A normal business research model will start with what might be wrong with the product. They have to find out through feedback from the surgeon and patient on how well each of our products holds up. Through this data is collected on which implants have had some negative feedback. There must be research done on plastic inside the body first and then how long the plastic can last for. Too much money can be lost through lawsuits and a bad reputation within the medical field. Some products are offered for free to test the product without being liable. Further research is done on the competitor’s product and how well it has been received to help have a base research topic. Surgeons are a big part of research because they are necessary to conduct the research on cadavers. This is a popular way to show off our new product without having to be liable for a living patient. It is our Product and developing teams job to schedule these labs to truly find out if the product is ready to put on the market. Research is also done on the