Rescued Dog From The Dog Show

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Rescued dog bites NBC anchor By Dylan Stableford
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It was supposed to be one of those feel-good segments on a local television newscast: A rescued dog, a grateful owner, the hero firefighter who pulled the dog from the ice. But that's not how it turned out. The dog named Gladiator Maximus, attacked Kyle Dyer, anchorwoman at NBC's KUSA Denver studio, during a live, in-studio segment on Wednesday that was meant to celebrate the dog's rescue from an icy lake the day before.
The affect on society is that it will make people more afraid of dogs. Though it may question people to because quote "Several people interacted with the dog [prior to the segment] and everything seemed fine," Dennis said. "Then at the last moment, the dog had behavior that nobody predicted or understood. Clearly we learned something." Animal specialist and experts said "The dog was trying to tell her, 'I am going to bite you,'" Colleen Safford, a prominent New York-based dog trainer, told Yahoo News. "Dogs 'talk' to us with their body with each and every interaction. This dog was repeatedly 'telling' the anchor that she was making him uncomfortable and if she didn't stop, he would bite." So the woman may be at a fault with this situation.
My opinion is that there both the dog and the anchor are a fault to. Some people also said that dog was obviously uncomfortable and his body language