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In 1879, sixteen-year-old Ford left home for the nearby city of Detroit to work as an apprentice machinist, although he did occasionally return to help on the farm. He remained an apprentice for three years and then returned to Dearborn. During the next few years, Henry divided his time between operating or repairing steam engines, finding occasional work in a Detroit factory, and over-hauling his father's farm implements, as well as lending a reluctant hand with other farm work. Upon his marriage to Clara Bryant in 1888, Henry supported himself and his wife by running a sawmill.

The first quality of Bill Gates’ leadership is the practice of challenging the process. We all know that the operating system that is wildly used in computers is MS-DOS, which is very difficult to understand and far from user-friendly. However, nobody tried to change the situation to develop the operating system so that every people can easily understand how to use it. Bill Gates is the first people really took the challenge and put it into practice. He left Harvard and focused on building his own company to open a remarkable revolution to software technology. Bill Gates was so brave to lead his friends and classmates to create a totally new world for Information Technology.

Ford was employed as an apprentice in a machine shop, where he learned about the internal combustion engine. After several years of learning his trade, Ford returned to the family farm and worked part-time for the Westinghouse Engine Company. Ford set up a small machine shop on the farm and began tinkering with engines and machines. During this time, Ford fell in love with Clara Bryant, who he married in 1888. Several years later, Ford and his wife moved back to Detroit when Ford was made chief engineer at the Detroit Edison Company. The position required Ford to be on-call 24 hours a day, but the irregular hours allowed him time to experiment. He had experimented with gasoline-powered vehicles and horse-less carriages for several years before