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A Business Proposal for Exploiting New Market-Delivering Service for Female Stuffs

After do research, it is a good chance for filling up the market margin in Cape Breton. What I want to do is providing a delivering service for female items. So I plan to cooperate with Always Company, the post office in Canada and provide this service to fill up the market margin, satisfy the needs of the women and make a profit for my new company.
Executive Summary
According to all the information related to the statistics of popularity and the proportion of female in Cape Breton. Developing new business about service for female is a good chance to satisfy the needs of female and make profits. So all my new company wants to do is setup a new company and provide delivering service for female’s physical period stuffs. All I need to do is using finance to find the suitable place where my company located, buy office necessity, hire employees and so on. Making different plans which suitable for different kinds of female needs. Making a deal related to the processes of business with Always Company and Post office.

1. Statement of Problem
Over the past decades, women were bedevilled by menstrual period no matter physical or spiritual.i In spirit, for women, they usually feel embarrassed when it was happening during the work time or special occasions. Moreover it will affect women feeling and emotion. For girls, they usually were freaked out by the first menstrual period. They will feel helpless and do not how to deal with this situation and how to release their nervous feeling during this special physical period. In physical, most of them need to endure painful menstrual cramps, accidently getting pregnant, annoying pads and tampons although It is nature way of naturally regulating your system and it is your body way of naturally cleansing itself.
Moreover, it is awkward for women to forget take tampons or pads during the school time or office time. They usually distract from looking for the tampon or pads and affect the efficiency of work or study.
Last but not least, most of women will unintentionally find there are several tampons and pads left in the drawer for a long period of time. But, sometimes, it is an usual thing that when you need that stuffs, you cannot find where are the tampons and pads are?

2. Proposed Solution
After do some researches, we got the first statistic. The national census is conducted every five years. We can have the number of popularity in 2001 from Statistics Canada Catalogue-the number of Cape Breton popularity is 109,330.ii
We can clearly see from the second statistic. Through calculating from below this graph, we can clearly see the number of female aging from 15 to 50 approximately is 21,900. Also, we can clearly see the proportion of female whose age from 15 to 50 is larger than that of male.

Canada Cape-Breton ageiii
So it is a good chance to develop a new business related to the female necessity.
Most of time, they want to go to the grocery store to buy these stuffs. It is more embarrassing that they do not have tampons when they start to going through the physical period or they unintentional found they have some female stuffs left for several months
One possible solution to the problem is to provide the delivering service to customers who need this kind of favors monthly. You would not be worry about the embarrass time happened. We can prepare all your needed and deliver that to your hands.
Start to work
After making a decision to develop a new company, we will setup a customer call center and provide an online