Having A Look At The Recent News And Other People's Researches

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When am I going to get it done by
1. Decide on my topic by having a look at the recent news and other people’s researches
17th of the September
I struggled to find a topic I’m interested in as there was quite a lot of things I could I choose from. However, when I spoke to some of my friends and went onto different webpages I’ve decided I’m going to do a project around the topic of diet.
2. Develop my research question by thinking if there are enough information for me to talk about

24th of the September
I find it a bit difficult to structure my question but as I have had a look at hypotheses of other people’s researches I’ve came up with a question of my own.
3. Talk to my teacher about the chosen research question and go through any doubts
29th of September 4. Fill in a proposal sheet and talk to my teacher about it to see if it needs improving
6th of the October

5. Have a look at what are the ethical issues and try to write a paragraph about them
8th of the October
I was not aware of what are the ethical issues therefore I went onto the internet and had a look at the definition. After I’ve had a good read , I was able to explain what is meant by ethical considerations and why they are important.
6. Write an induction for my chosen topic

10th of the October

7. Find out what types of research methods I can use

14th of the October

8. Decide on what types of research methodology I am going to use

16th of the October
I needed to go onto the internet and see which methods would be best for the topic I’m doing. Furthermore, I’ve asked my peers and teachers to see what they think would be more appropriate.
9. Write advantages and disadvantages for my chosen methods

20th of the October

10. Have a look at what kind of questions I can ask for my questionnaire
21st of the October

11. Write up a questionnaire for my chosen topic

24th of the October
I found it quite difficult to write up a questionnaire as I did not know what questions will be useful when I come to proving or disproving my hypotheses. However, as I had a look at existing questionnaires, I’ve come with few questions of my own.
12. Hand out 10 copies of my questionnaire to people
28th of the October

13. Have my questionnaires back ready to be analysed
11th of the November

14. Analyse the results of my questionnaire by doing different types of graphs , charts, tables etc
14th of the November

15. Plan an interview as a second type of method
17th of the November

16. Chose the family I am going to interview
17th of the November
At the start, I’ve struggled to think of a family I could interview but I’ve asked my mum and she helped me to get hold of a family she was familiar with.
17. Go out and actually interview a family of my choice
30th of the November

18. Have a discussion with my teacher about the results I’ve got from my questionnaires and interview
2nd of the December

19. Have a look at the NHS and BBC website to get background information for my chosen topic
10th of the December
At the beginning , I did not know what sort of things I should look for therefore I spent quite a lot of time reading stuff that were irrelevant. However, when I became more aware of what I’ve got to have a look at