Research: Adult and Self Regulation Essay

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The situation that i effectively used self regulation to guide my thinking and behavior is considering the fact of enrolling back into school to better myself. As a single parent of two, i consider my time to be very limited. Since the summer time has kicked in my girls has so much to do while they are out of school. I work as a fulltime associate at my job, and at home. When i started my classes here at Ashford University i was able to see when my assignments were due. So with that being shown i was able to figure out how i will manage my time to make sure everything gets completed. I use my self regulation to allow myself to plan out times when i will go to work, finish up home duties and do home work. I figured since i go to sleep early and wake up early i will be able to do my school work then. My job is durning the day and so is the duties pertaining to my girls. This online learning to me is so convenient because i am able to make time around my everyday duties. Although my schedule is busy now than what it was, using my self regulation skills with help with getting it all done. As an adult seeking for improvement in my life, i find it very important to understand how self regulation and time management plays an important role in my life. I had to cut out many unnecessary things in order to gain control over handling what is important to me and my future. The self regulation skills are good when you are able to keep emotions in check after becoming frustrated, and