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Web In The Cloud

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The idea to move the web server in the cloud has been raised. The main motto of the web server to move in the cloud is to be secure all the times, saving of costs, saving to buy a hardware and computer stuffs. Before moving the server to the cloud we need to find the best Cloud hosting. As with the finding we found the three best cloud hosting sites. They were: Amazon EC2 Cloud, Linode Cloud, and Luna Cloud.


After the idea to move the web server to the cloud we need to check for the requirements that are needed. First of all we need to get the best and suitable cloud server hosting service. As already mentioned that there were three web server hosting service that we need to choose from. Depending on the company size or company needs we need to finalize which Cloud Server hosting is good for and which one we can use. The requirements are as follows:
Budget for moving the web server to the cloud
Proper time management so that when the server is move to the cloud there is no service interrupt for the web server.
Check for the efficiency of the Cloud hosting service before moving the whole server to the cloud
Check for the database management function where we were going to setup our web server
Check for the storage so that we can get sufficient space for our web server and for all databases
Also MYSQL database is used on the web server so we need to check for the availability of it.
Memory we need for our web server so that if u upload the large database then we can easily access without any service delay
Also we need to check for the web service tools like the tools that can manage the web server straight on the cloud.
Backup service for web server so that if we get any type of failure or error at any time then we can restore easily from our backups.

Below are the three Cloud Server hosting service details, Cost, Pros and Cons.

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 is a web service which provides the capacity to build the Linux Web server in the cloud. On Amazon EC2 you can choose which server to install or select as per requirement. We can find different OS on Amazon EC2 like Ubuntu Server, Fedora, Suse Linux or Windows Server. And to install any kind of OS it doesn’t take longer. It can be done within a minutes.
With Amazon EC2 after installing the suitable server we can easily setup the server name, domain name. With Amazon we can get multiple IP addresses, cloud watch and auto scaling services.
On Amazon EC2 we can choose the types of Instances like First Generation or Second Generation. On First Generation we can get the small instance with 1.7GB of memory, 160GB of storage, 1 virtual core and choice of 32 bit or 64 bit. On Medium instances we can get 3.75GB of memory, 410 GB of storage, 1 Virtual core and choice of 32 or 64bit. On Large Instance we can get 7.5 Gb of memory, 850Gb of storage, 2 Virtual Cores, and 64 bit platform. On Extra Large Instance we can get a Huge 15GB of memory, 1690Gb of storage, 4 Virtual Cores and 64 bit platform.
On Second Generation in extra-large instance we can get 15Gb of memory EBS storage, 4 virtual cores and 64 bit platform. On double extra-large instance we can get 30Gb of memory, EBS storage, 8 virtual cores and 64 but platform.
So depending on the company structure or needs we can choose the suitable one among these. Along with these we can choose the softwares that we need to install. Like on database we can get mysql, mongodb. On application servers we can get IBM web sphere, Tomcat Java and zend server. Content Management softwares like Wordpress, Drupal 6 and Mediawiki.
The main feature of Amazon EC2 is the cheaper price as it can be paid as per usage only.

Costs and Savings:

The cost for using Amazon EC2 is very low if you