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Research analysis For this project I have been asked to design and make a top/jacket based on ‘the age of punk’ to be sold at a music festival to be aimed at 18-24 year olds. I have chosen to make a jacket to be sold at Reading festival. Before designing my jacket I decided to do the following research; mood board, consumer profile, shop profile, comparative shop, existing products and perform a disassembly, which all helped me to gather important information. By putting together a mood board of ‘the age of punk’ I hoped to find out what colours and patterns are common to the style of punk so that I would have a better understanding of the style and get ideas for my design. From performing a consumer profile I was hoping to learn more about my target market. I wanted to find out how much they spend, on average, on clothes, what their personal fashion sense is like and where they usually shop, by focusing on one consumer who is a punk between the ages of 18 and 23. I was hoping to find out what products are on the market, that are similar to the product I will be producing, and compare product sizes, materials and prices by performing a comparative shop. By performing an existing product analysis I hoped to compare and analyse existing products further to find out their environmental differences and also how their size range and price differed. I was also interested about finding out where they could be worn and what materials were used. By completing a disassembly of a similar product I was hoping to find out how it was put together, what stitches were used and how it was put together.
What I discovered
Mood board
My mood board is quite wild, which showed me that punk style is crazy. It has lots of people with unique hair and general style. It also has common punk symbols/icons around. The main colours are red, black and white, there are also lots of different patterns e.g checked and tartan. All the clothes worn in my mood board are very outgoing and rough (many are ripped, on purpose).
Comparative shop
The comparative shop I performed helped me a lot as I found out where the type of product I will be making is sold (River island and New look mainly.) As I compared 4 different products (a blazer, 2 jackets and a sleeveless top), it gave me a wide range of products and helped me to see what was popular and how they compared. I found out that denim and striped products were popular, the price ranged from £11.99-£50 (which is quite steep), the size ranges in tops/jackets are usually ‘6,8,12,10…’ or ‘small, medium, large…’.
Consumer profile
My consumer profile told me that my consumer, Roxy, wants a jacket she can wear at festivals/concerts and casually, in her day to day life. Roxy is confident and outgoing and likes to wear unique clothes at a good price; she generally spends up to £40 on one item so this gives me a better idea of how to price my jacket. I also found out that she loves music and that she likes bands such as the ‘sex pistols’ this is useful because I would like to incorporate