Research And Academic Writing

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Final My growth in this class as a writer is day and night. Coming over pretty confident from E 105, I really did not know what to expect from the class and myself. There has been a tremendous amount of changes in my writing. I have become more of a college style writer and this class pointed out my weaknesses as a writer. I was able to zone in on these weaknesses and improve as an academic writer. Also, I learned the importance of drafting and why it is so important for the finished product. In a way I kind of went backwards on my writing patterns. What I mean is that for my first two papers I went at each paper and was able to identify right away what I was going to write about. This pattern really helped me get ahead in the papers and I was cramming in the end. The third and last paper however was a different story. I was really stuck on my topic and was thinking of changing it until our conference, but during our conference I was able to get out what you wanted to see in the paper and this gave me a path to go on. This path did not work as well as my first two papers but it is always nice to get someone else’s perspective on what needs to go into a paper. What I learned about the connection between research and academic writing is that it is very helpful and it clearly helps your paper because of the facts you are able to represent in it. I also learned that you have to pick the right spots to put in these secondary sources or you will throw the reader of and your whole paper will be a bust. I have gained quite a few new and different perspectives from some of the readings we did in the book 75 Readings Plus. There were a few stories that boggled my mine on how people could treat people like they did, or how they could go on with their days or nights with life just passing them by and only caring for themselves and how people choose to live their lives when there is more out there for them. I believe that I can say I considered most, if not all viewpoints in my research for each paper. I can especially say this for my third paper, where I need to use ever viewpoint from each spectrum. These viewpoints did change my writing because I needed to include each point because it is not fair to a certain viewpoint to left out of a paper. I feel that the more viewpoints you have in a paper, the stronger the paper well be and the more credentials it will have. What I have learned about writing for an academic audience is that you need to include multiple viewpoints because the reader needs to know each side before they can understand what you are trying to talk to them about or what you are trying to persuade them to think. The only real new strategy I used is to use more sources because this makes your paper more creditable. Most strategies I used I brought over from what I learned in E 105. I believe I have become more confident in using them because of all the practice I got during this course. I believe that my third major essay was my best out of the three. I just think that it was the most work and I proved to myself that if I sit down, concentrate and not procrastinate I have problem writing a very nice paper. I think it was my best work because it was the paper with the least mistakes and it had the structure out of the three. My argument in my research paper was very well thought out and was hard to disagree with I believe and this is why I believe that it is my best work of the semester. My weakest paper I believe would have to be my compare/contrast paper just because it had the most problems on it. I also could have more to some paragraphs and less in other paragraphs. If I could go back I would try to fix my word order, word form, pronouns and fix my run-ons. I also would go back to fix up my paragraph structures and give them more development, and explain my topic more in depth. I cannot even begin to describe the role that you and the others that helped review my paper and who gave me feedback did for my