Persuasive Investigative Research Project: Lamar High School

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Persuasive Investigative Research Project Lamar High school
Assignment: You will research a topic that is either an unsolved mystery or a solved mystery that is worth further investigation using a variety of techniques and resources. This process will culminate in a formal documented written speech and oral presentation. This assignment will be evaluated for the student’s ideas, organization, oral speaking skills, and use of a visual aide.
Your goal: Tell us how this is a noteworthy topic. Give us background information on the topic if we need it. What is your belief on the topic? What evidence have you found to support your theory? What if anything could change about the topic’s outcome of the present belief or result?
_______ 1. Choose a subject to begin researching.
_______ 2. Develop 5-10 questions about your topic.
_______ 3. Begin research on your topic to investigate it for better understanding.
_______ 4. Develop a research question.

_______ 5. Find 5 to 6 articles on your subject through the databases. You must first exhaust ALL databases before exploring the internet. No more than three may come from an internet source without teacher approval.
a. Read all articles.
b. Print articles and staple together.
_______ 6. Turn in all 5 printed sources. Staple a note card to each one with bibliography information on it in MLA format (worth one daily grade).

Post- Research:
_______ 7. Write an outline based on the information you have read to organize your