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What is Right? Two good things about Manifest Destiny are there is inexpensive land or free land, and also more resources. Manifest destiny provide more land for the west migrators because many settlers could gain land under the Homestead Act and then the land would be theirs after 5 years of farming. Many resources were found by mining and the gold rush during manifest destiny but it was a good thing because it helped with jobs and the economy. Two Bad things about Manifest Destiny are it destroyed many Indians homes, also War with Mexico. Indians were treated terribly during manifest destiny the Indian removal act forced thousands out of their land and were forced to be Americanized for the Indians Manifest Destiny was bad. The war with Mexico caused America to have to send troops and many lost their lives because of the war. The good thing about capitalism is the basic principle is that the harder you work, the greater your reward. Capitalism increases efficiency because a person has to work to provide for themselves. One positives of communism are that all production is planned democratically and geared toward providing for people’s needs rather than just generating profit, everyone is equal. Bad Things about capitalism it leads to massive inequality with the wealth and prosperity and leaves a gap in society has far as wealth goes. Communism does not encourage people to work harder than the rest of the citizens; it does not reward outstanding thought and actions. It encourages people to be happy with average. The Gap between the rich and poor there needs to be some kind of middle class because you can’t just have millionaires and then people who make 500 dollars a year in society. The gap can be closed by limiting the power of big businesses the federal government needs to control big business a little bit not like communism but have some laws. Laws like labor laws a minimum wage for workers how many hours they can work if they pay them more for working hard then there won’t be has big of a gap. Taking advantage of capitalism is good because