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Research Assignment Part 1
Windows Server 2008 Features
Windows server software is a major part of any corporate business. With the new changes made in server 2008 there are several new features to help the flow of business run smoothly. There are many different variations of server 2008 including special variations which have to do with specific needs of a company. The main versions of server 2008 are Datacenter, Enterprise, Standard and Core.
The Datacenter variation of Server 2008 is made to suit the needs of a larger corporation, with the ability for unlimited virtualization licensing rights. The Datacenter also has a feature to deploy business applications for productivity needs, while also providing solutions for mobile and branch workers. Datacenter was designed for companies with a large demand in productivity.
Enterprise Server 2008 is a cost-effective option for a Windows 2008 server, while still providing great features and usability. With features like power saving, virtualization, and manageability it provides a great solution for mid-size companies with mobile workers in need of access to company data.
Standard Server 2008 is a great foundation for the start of a server implementation in a new business. It provides solid security to secure all your data and server information. This server gives great management features with an efficient configuration process creating an easy setup for the IT administrator.
Windows Server Core 2008 is a basic command line server. This server has very little memory footprint and only provides base functionality with little upkeep.
Windows Server 2008 is a major improvement from Server 2003. The security is a lot better overall from the ability to choose what services are applicable to your needs, thus reducing the number of pathways for an intruder to gain entry. Server 2008 was also designed with minimal power consumption in mind; using less power provides a return on investment to Server 2008 customers. Another great feature of Server 2008 is the Read-only domain controllers (RODC) this allows IT administration to setup active directory and to make it only be seen and not changed, helping to create a more secure and tamper proof environment. Hyper-V is another big improvement from Server 2003. With the ability to run several operating systems concurrently, this helps the overall functionality of a business, by allowing employees to access these virtual machines.
With many of these great features Server 2008 also comes with the benefit of using 64 bit architecture. The previous Server 2003 was limited to 32 bit which drastically holds back the potential of the operating system, by limiting the memory that the operating system can actually take advantage of. The 32 bit is limited to a maximum support of 32 processors whereas the 64 bit has the potential to support 64 processors. A great feature of the 64 bit architecture is the ability of 64 bit software to take advantage of the processing power and run more efficiently when compared to a 32 bit combination.
There are 2 new features in Server 2008 that will