Research: Black People and African American Race Essay

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African American Education

Blacks were allowed to go to school in the 1930’s. African Americans need education to strive in white America, our race need good jobs and we owe it to our ancestors. It’s been said we are not an intellectual race, education will prove that we can think and reason. Back in the 1920’s, African Americans had a hard time acquiring an education; therefore we need to take advantage of what we have today. Education for the African American race is essential, and always will be, due to the many different struggles we faced and are still facing.
It’s becoming harder and harder to survive in America. Jobs are a necessity, especially for the black person. It’s hard to come past a good job, which pays well without having an education. Usually the type of job you have, reflects on how much education you have received. Our black ancestors, such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. would be please to know our black kids are reaching out for an education and not just being bums of today’s society.
The African American race is usually looked down upon. Tons of other races believe the African race is uneducated and ignorant. This is a constant struggle our race has to deal with. We as a race have proven that we can think and reason in many different ways such as, the president of our country is a black man, the first license pilot was a black man, and the first millionaire was a black woman. The African American race has proven their selves many different times, but is still overlooked.
Acquiring education was a hardship for African Americans, back in the day. White people did not believe blacks deserved an education, they didn’t want us to have an education, and