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Survivors and how they deal with their Holocaust past
Austin Martin The survivors of the holocaust could not be overstated. When you go and meet a holocaust survivor, you would wonder how they feel to be out of the disaster they were in for so long. “You would never be able to say I understand how you feel to a survivor, because you have no idea how they felt going through all that pain and suffering”. “When you think back of the history of the holocaust you realize that they went through some very painful and private memories that are hard to think about when you are trying to rebuild your life”. The survivors experiences where different when they arrived immediately after the holocaust. They had to work all the time no matter how they felt. Of course when they got sick to the point where they were useless they were killed in the gas chambers. They had it bad if women were pregnant she had to hide her own child from the Nazi soldiers. And sooner or later they found they baby and it was killed instantly. I mean if I was a female I couldn’t imagine not being able to raise my own child I just couldn’t do it I would go crazy. The survivors had no idea what was going on when all this started. “They went along with everything thinking they were there to work”. Once they found out the real reason they were there, they started to freak out and try and plan ways to fight back. All their families started to be separated; they started to get more worried and…