Research: Does Eye Color Affects Perternal Vision

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Review of Literature
The science project attempted is “Does eye color affect peripheral vision” and the purpose of this project is to determine if less light going to your eye really affects vision. The three resources used for this project are two websites,, and a book Mayo Clinic on Vision and Eye Health by Helmut Buettner. In these resources, will be information on the topic to help better understand vision and might answer the question. One interesting fact learned from these resources is that humans have 125 million rods in our eyes and only 6 million cones. One helps eye color and the other helps everything else in the cornea.
The first resource that was used for this project is the website Within this resource it exclaims how humans have “low visual acuity” (Peripheral Vision) and that we’re not aware of that. Low visual acuity means that the sharpness or keenness of human eyesight is not as good or as strong as they could be. This source also talks about things in the eyes that are called the fovea, which is in the region of the eye that is at the center, and the periphery, which is located at the side region of the eyes. Within the fovea there are only cones that are squished tightly but no rods and in the periphery the cones are spaced and there are rods. Lastly the fovea has been made to have the highest visual acuity yet the periphery has the lowest possible acuity, but the peripheral vision is the best at motion detecting.
The second resource used for the project is and it talks about low vision cases. This website explains about what happens when humans lose vision, how to fix low vision, and causes of low vision. Vision lose can be genetic at birth or can be caused through damage and disease, so if one of someone’s parents are blind because of their parents then the child has a possibility to get blind. Some of the causes that involve damage are head concussions or “optic atrophy” (Low Vision) from brain damage. The causes from disease are diseases like aniridia, which is stable, and diseases like diabetic retinopathy, which will make you completely blind. Vision lose cannot be fixed by glasses, contacts, surgery, or medication and can be fix by certain devices for vision; however eye doctors are not aware of these devices for kids. Lastly the visual acuity can go as low as 20 out of