Essay on Research: Drawing and Famous Art Piece

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For the Copy and Transcription project I am to select a famous art piece from the Tate Modern and copy it faithfully to the size and medium used. (Size depending due to time of the project) Then transcribe it into my selected artistic area and show my recordings and visualizations of the painting.

For the copy part of my project I will choose a famous painting that challenges me with the scale and also the detailing of the painting. I want to be able to pay more attention to detail and challenge myself to use oil paints. Throughout this part I will thoroughly research the painting from the artist and analyze using key formal elements such as line, tone and shape but also record my views, my inspirations, my complexes and also why I chose the painting.
I will be honest and work to the same scale as the painting and will produce a full size copy by drawing and observing the composition and tonal qualities of the painting.
I will explore various media drawings to show the painting in many ways such as oil pastel to create new colour, texture and to help generate ideas later on for my transcription.
I want to also show certain areas enlarged or composed to create unique and helpful thumbnail sketches that can help me develop and record my sketchbook.

For the Transcription I will research an Artist that influences my transcription and how I may perceive the work in my own way. I will record and state what I like, what inspires me and how it does and also talk about