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Stress Stress is a mental, emotional strain brought about by internal pressure by anxiety and worrisome thoughts (Richman, V, K. L. Lerner, B. W. Lerner., 2014, p. 1). Stress a bad and negative way to handle situations that you don’t feel comfortable in. Researchers have found biochemical occurrences that have been weird or unusual when the body undergoes stress. Prolonged or excessive stress can lead to a variety of diseases and disorders. Examples of this would be elevated blood pressure, depression, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cancer. Stress was first studied in the 1950s. Stress was created to explain the causes and the effects of these of certain pressures caused by the forces. The thing or force used to create stress has recently been created and they have called it a stressor. People can experience stress from many different sources. Stress can come from dealing with a difficult or mean person, from a death in a family, or a traumatic experience. The most stressful situations teens go through could be with school for example finals or just simply trying to graduate. Adults go through stress by dealing with their children. A serious illness could cause stress. Work related stress issues cost about $300 billion per year according to the economy (Richman, V, K. L. Lerner, B. W. Lerner., 2014, p. 1). People who have suffered traumatic experiences in the military often develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from combat. During World War 1 they had a different name for it the called it being shell shocked. During WW2 it was called battle fatigue. Soldiers who suffer from PTSD experience depression, feelings of guilt for having survived, nightmares, and flashbacks to the events that changed that person’s life. A person with PTSD will be excessively sensitive to noise, become violent, and have difficulty holding a job. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), approximately 3.5 percent of U.S. adults, or 7.7 million people, suffer from PTSD in a given year (Richman, V, K. L. Lerner, B. W. Lerner., 2014, p. 1). Stress can be controlled and altered through stress management. In order to understand the functions and technicalities of stress one must know various facts on the topic. In order to prevent stress from continuing to harm and demoralize our lives today, we must start by help the early childhood.
Stress Management, Facts about mental health and illness, and the impact of early life stress
Stress Management In the workplace, stress management is a list of strategies or responses designed to reduce the causes and effects of stress and tension on workers and the company. Stress is a mental and physical response to the demands and wanting upon a person. Doctors say that “stress occurs in all facets of life”, and a certain amount of it is normal (“Everyday Finance”, 2008, p. 1). Some people don’t understand that stress is pretty normal in life and should be handled carefully. Stress can be helpful to workers and other employees meet deadlines, due dates, win a new client, solve problems, improve sales figures, and learn new skills. Everyone knows that stress on the job becomes trouble down the line. Stress existed long before there a word to describe it in the workplace. It was first discovered in the mid - 1930s by a young Hungarian – born endocrinologist named Hans Selye (1907-1982) (“Everyday Finance”, 2008, p. 2). The first term to describe stress was General Adaptation Syndrome. General adaptation syndrome is a theory of how the body responds to “noxious agents”. Stress was not considered stress in the workforce until 1960. A Michigan court granted worker’s compensation claims to an automotive factory worker who suffered severe mental stress.
Facts about mental health and illness The existence of depression in the United States is estimated to be 4 to 8 million individuals who suffer so severely that they are unable to maintain a healthy and balanced life (“You are not alone: facts about