Questions On Social Work

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Gabrielle Jackson
Social Work Research
September 29, 2014
Mod. 2
Practice-Related Exercise
2. I think the personal involvement problems the social worker may face is the young women who had an abortion may not come forward and admit to having one. Others may be offended by the taking the survey. Interviewers who are culturally insensitive can offend minority respondents.
3b. In a situation such as this one appointed, I would have taken the same action. If a community organizer takes it upon himself to build or help build things upon a community and a riot breaks out; if he’s capable of identifying. I will comply. If he or she stands behind its title as a community organizer, be the good person to get the trouble out of the community by making ethical decisions.
3c. The clinical program director is being very unethical in this decision by padding cases to reflect positivity on herself. It is ultimately unacceptable to represent for someone in an un-prideful manner. The director should do what is right and ethical by including those 20 cases.
3f. The social worker should take the right steps to help these students even though it may result in students being put out. She shouldn’t do anything unethical in fear of outbreak in the neighborhood. Research should be followed upon to find out whats going on in these households and bring some kind of justice to the situation.
3h. The agency should take heath and tell the clients that it’s not mandatory that they