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Royce Marlowe Ms. Casey Rough Draft English 1 P.2 3/21/13

Final Fantasy: Advent Children
The call to adventure is in the beginning when Tifa calls Cloud to help out with the stigma. The refusal of the call is when Cloud meets Rufus Shinra who wants Cloud to help save the world from Sephiroth but Cloud doesn’t believe him and refuses to do it. The supernatural aid is when Reno, Rude, Yuffie , Tifa, Barret, Vincent, and Cid all join Cloud to stop Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz from awaking Sephiroth. The crossing the first Threshold is when Loz attacks Tifa, knocking her unconscious, and takes her little girl that she takes care of known as Marlene Wallace which causes Cloud to start his adventure to stop Sephiroth from awakening. The belly of the whale is when Cloud saves Marlene but Denzel, basically Marlene’s brother but not really, is still under the control of Kadaj’s hypnotizing power. Cloud must face some challenges in order to stop Sephiroth’s awakening known as the road of trials, the first challenge is saving Marlene, the second challenge is when Cloud has to fight Bahamut the dragon king, the last challenge is when Cloud has to chase Kadaj. The goddess would be Tifa because Cloud is in love with her and she is also one of his companions. The Temptress would be Kadaj who tries to convince Cloud into letting him