Research: Food and Group Members Essay

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Risk Identification:-
Risk of food poisoning to the customers: - This risk was identified during our third tutorial with our tutor John’ O Neil as he very fairly pointed out that if we don’t prepare the food under the supervision of a person who has gone through a food hygiene training and owns a food hygiene certificate. As the group members are not aware of the hygiene protocols we might not be able to prepare the food in a good condition. Customers who eat our food might get food poisoning or might have other allergic reactions; this will be our biggest risk.

Risk Assessment:-
The risk identified is huge and possess a big threat to the group members and the reputation of the University. If the food is unhygienic and the customers are affected by it then the project would be a failure and the stakeholders would also be negatively affected.

Risk Response:
To cover the risk we have spoke to the owner of Zest pizza who has a hygiene certificate and he will cook the food for us in his kitchen. He is a friend of one of our group member and we will give him all the ingredients and the recipe so that he and his team of cooks can cook the food for us. This way the food will be hygienic and we won’t run the risk of food poisoning for people.
The response of the allergic reactions we have decided that with each food description we will also mention the ingredients used in making the particular food. The group members serving the food in the event will be well informed to…