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Surgical Nurse
In today’s world in terms of education and profession nursing is one of the major scopes. The study about the health care of the families, publics and individuals is known as nursing. Before in the 19th century nursing was very difficult and know as dirty profession and in middle of 19th century many patients died of surgery and it was dangerous ( Khan, 2012). There are various sectors of studies and specialist in the nursing career. I graduated as a nursing student from University Of Western Sydney and I am a registered nurse now. I am planning to study further as a surgical nurse specializing on general surgery.
Surgery is one of the difficult and challenging tasks to perform in the medical area. The area of study where the nurses help the patient during the surgery period, before and after the surgery is known as surgical nursing. I have the personality to take care of the people who are facing the hard times and I am very kind, loving and caring towards the people. During my undergraduate studies I used to work on age care looking after the old people and I found it very interesting and learned how to interact with the patients. When I was studying in 8th grade I had appendix and I had to go through the surgery. At that time I was so nervous and afraid because it was my first time but at the same time one of the nurses who were looking after me provided me the strength. The nurse was a very kind and caring person, she told me not to be afraid and described all the procedures and told she would look after me the whole time. Although, I was so afraid by the convincing and loving suggestion from her somehow I was ready for the surgery. I was so impressed by her personality and from that moment I wanted to be the nurse in future and help the needy people like she did to me. As, my background I am from Nepal where boys are not allowed to study nursing so I came to Australia to study nursing and chase my dream. Now I am a registered nurse and for further study I want to specialize on general surgery under surgical nursing so I can help the patients who are going under the surgery and treat them better in the near future.
The treatment of the injuries, abnormality and diseases using the operative system is known as general surgery. General surgery is a vast area of study and I am willing to complete my master’s degree in this area. Mainly I will be looking after the patients who are admitted for the surgery and looking after them during the surgical time. I will be helping the doctors with some surgical instruments and looking after the vital parts of the surgery. During the surgery patients should go through different tests like, blood tests, urine tests, x-rays and we have to collect the results and report it to the doctors. I will be looking for the patient mainly on pre-surgery and post-surgery. So I will be looking on those