Essay about Research: High School and Generation Y. Generation

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September 13, 12

The culture I belong to is generation Y. Generation Y is people born 1981-2000. The co-culture I belong to is probably the skaters or band geeks. I like meeting people that are different than I am. For example, the people with all kinds of tattoos and piercings on their bodies look a little unapproachable at times but since I am willing to talk to anybody I have no problem with being uncomfortable. Cultures can make a difference in the way people think because people in my generation have been raised different from others who are older than. My tolerance for ambiguity tends changes from person to person. My boyfriend’s grandpa had a stroke a couple years back and he has a tough time speaking and conveying to people what he wants. We go visit his grandpa from time to time and when we do, we do most of the talking. But when his grandpa wants to talk he will start his sentence something like “ I la-la-la-like t-t-to puh-puh” and he will shake his head and just stop talking. We try to figure out what he likes but I don’t want to put the wrong words in his mouth. Times like this can be really hard but we like visiting his grandpa I try my hardest to keep up a conversation with him. I think I am very open-minded. When I am asked to try some new food I usually give it a try even if it looks gross. An example of me stereotyping . . . In high school I was an honors student and one day we had a new kid join our class. He looked like a