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Task 1: How
Research is conducted by using primary sources (first hand) and secondary sources (second hand) to learn new things about a specific topic or to answer a question. People conduct research in many different ways. One of the ways people can conduct research is by reading books. Books are very valuable sources of information. Although books are considered “old fashion” they can provide better quality information then what can be found on the internet. Books are secondary source of research. Another type of secondary source is the internet. The internet is more commonly used today because it is a faster and much easier way of conducting research. A bad thing about the internet is how easily people can copy paste and steal work from the internet. This is why it is required to put down the information of the website you used.
Research can be conducted in many different ways. People can conduct research by investigating certain topics. There are two different types of research; primary sources (firsthand information) and secondary sources (second-hand information).
Primary sources and secondary sources:
A primary source is information and/or records that provide first-hand evidence that can be used to create a picture of what happened. Primary sources may be unpublished. diary interview skype (directly communicating with people) letter information collected by the government (e.g., application for a driving licence, land titles, deeds of transfer)
Secondary sources can be thought of as second-hand information. Secondary sources analyse and interpret primary sources. Secondary sources include. history books internet search engine documentaries text books
Other type of research is small scale and large scale research. Small scale research is usually research conducted by regular people. Small scale researches are things like: a student researching a new topic at school a man/woman research something at home to learn new things a teacher researching a topic so they make sure they understand the topic they are teaching their students
Large scale research is important research done with multiple people on a very important topic. Large scale research is usually conducted by large