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Email Can Never Replace Letter Technology makes the lifestyles so advanced that we sometimes get bored of it and miss the old times without technology. On one hand, technology makes the living standard high but on the other hand, it turns people into robots, and people rush for their living in hustle and bustle of city life. When email was invented, people got excited and replied back if they received email from someone. But now, most people love getting letters rather than emails because people get bored of emails, and they think that letters are sincere based on hand writing. According to CNN news, Tuckel said, “ Email can never replace the excitement and thrill of receiving and opening of a personal letter no matter how far technology advanced.” Even though people are influenced by emails, they still love letters as they always do. The thrill and excitement gained from communicating with letters also deceive my attention and make me stand for letter’s side. Through the human history, technology has been replacing outdated human life into advanced one. However, some of them can’t be replaced because we are human with feelings but not like robots. From Wall Street Journal article, Philip Hensher stated that “ The ready communication through electronic means that has replaced the handwritten letter is wonderful. But we have definitely lost something here, and those skype, email and text exchanges won’t be treasured in the way that my teenage letters, scribbled journal and postcards have been for years.” Email is very ease for human to communicate with other people. It just takes a few minutes to connect with friends, families and etc. Obviously, electronic mailing system makes communication way easier than handwritten letter. However, electronic mailing system is lack of something, that is, invaluable feelings and moments of letters, journals and postcards. Electronic mailing system is a lot helpful but it won’t be as valued as those letters or postcards because the writer of the letter truly expresses his inside feelings through the letter. He may make mistakes in the letter but the reader still loves those mistakes because they are so real to him. As the source mentioned, electronic mailing system in the society is magnificent. However, it can never replace handwritten letter because letters have always been a nice way to show someone when they are gone that he or she is thinking about them. As soon as someone open the mailbox and read the letter from his beloved one, he can’t express that kind of feeling which gives him exhilaration and anticipation. Reading the letters at any time can make someone feels like they were back to their wonderful childhood moments. Those moments are irreplaceable for them since life is full of memories. On the other hand, emails don’t give those kinds of feelings unlike letter. People might send business cases or plans via email but those are crucial not invaluable things in a simple life. Letter might be simple or dribbled but it makes the readers believe in them. That’ s why email has no chance to replace letters since letters already becomes a part of people’s lives. Next, everyone tends to have personal things as privacy. They want to share personal cases and person chats through letters only with the one they could trust, not through emails. In the article of NBC news, Randolph E. Schmid mentioned that emails are