Research in Practice cw2 2014 15 Sem 1 2 Essay

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Semester 1 2014/2015
All Programmes
Module Title Module Code
Research in Practice 781

Assignment Title Level
Coursework 2 – Research Project 5

This assessment is worth 70% of the marks for the module.

Debbie Sullivan; Emma Kate Phillips; Gillian Massey; Glenroy Allison; Hafiza Subedar; Helen Joyner; Isabel C. Johnson; John Floy; Karen Pinney; Peter Hogg; Sarah Digby; Sharon Cunnison; Ursula Penney

Hand Out/In Date

Hand Out: Week 1

Hand In: Proposal Week 4 (worth 20% of the marks) Poster Week 12 (worth 50% of the marks)

Please note:
An electronic copy of your Research Poster should be submitted to the ‘Research Project Submission’ area in the Assignments section of the RiP UCB Online site by 2:30 on the date stated. Please make sure that it states your name, email address, programme and day/time of lecture in the comments box before you submit.

Frontispiece Assignment Key

There is no need to access a frontispiece for this assignment because the assignment must be submitted electronically.

Module Learning Outcomes

i. Formulate appropriate research aims and objectives.

ii Demonstrate competence in the choice, design and management of different methods used in the collection of research data.

iv. Derive appropriate conclusions and recommendations from research findings.

Assignment Remit

You are required to conduct a research project on a topic of relevance to your programme of study.

In order to conduct your research, are required to work through the class based activities which involve the use of research tools supporting the different stages of the research process. These activities will enable you to receive formative feedback and by week 6 you will have completed enough of these portfolio activities to provide your lecturers with a proposal for your research. More detailed guidance on topics will be provided on the launch of this assignment.

You will be given the opportunity to submit a draft research poster to get formative feedback which you should take to your practical session and discuss with your lecturers.
PLEASE NOTE: You will submit your research as a research poster which will consist of 7 sections:
(1) Abstract
(2) Aim, Objectives and Rationale
(3) Brief Literature Review
(4) Methodology