Research Methods Unit 9 Final Essay

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April Sharp
CJ490: Research Methods in Criminal Justice
Unit 9: Final
Prof. Robert Roberts

Abstract: Domestic violence against women happens around the world every day, but the main focus of location discussed in this paper is Washington State. Females are most likely to suffer domestic violence abuse from someone that they know. In such cases, it has been a spouse that is the attacker. Women escape these violent crimes and reach out for help, but not every time. Based off of the data collected, I strongly believe that females are more often victims of domestic violence than males.
Domestic violence occurs in epidemic proportions, impacting an estimated 6.2 million American women every year, and causing more
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Often times, if an individual is the victim of domestic violence in Washington State, the state will pick up the charges even if the victim does not want to file charges against the accused individual.
Research Design: Qualitative research will be used to refer to research conducted in an interpretive or critical tradition. Research conducted in this tradition generally includes ethnographies, naturalistic observation or intensive interviewing studies, and uses some type of content analysis of words or texts to generate themes, which summarize the results of the study. Qualitative research has the same concerns as quantitative research about the truth value of its findings but it is often referred to as trustworthiness or credibility. The goals of qualitative research are not usually to generalize from the findings to some larger truth, but rather to explore or generate truths for the particular sample of individuals studied or to generate new theories. There is often an emphasis in qualitative research on perception or lived experience.
The population of my study targets female victims of domestic violence in Washington State. I will use non-probability sampling for this project. The reason I have chosen non-probability sampling is because it is quick and inexpensive. The specific type of sampling for this project is the purposive sample. Purposive sampling represents a group of different