Media Destruction

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Joshua Depass
Ms. Lauber
English 4
March 2nd, 2015
The Destruction That the Media Has Caused
Does the media’s coverage of important events negatively impact our social culture? Yes it does because it gives out the wrong message to children, teenagers, and young adults causing them to view things in a different way and not have a better understanding of what is being shown to them. This issue is important because it can show this generation not to believe everything they see or hear without the proper facts to prove if it is true or not. Some things should not be shown like violence on television, sexual interactions either on the internet or on television, and also wrong information to change or impact ones views on something they believe in just so the media can have followers. This is why the media’s coverage of important events negatively impacts this generation so bad that it creates confusion and disorder.
The media has several ways of affecting people, but there is one way that it affects kids, teenagers, and young adults. It has been proven that children see about 12,000 violent acts on television such as rape, murder, or kidnapping (Pediatrics and health care). Reason why it affects kids and teenagers is because it can make them believe that this is the way the world is, when it is just and act to entertain people. Also studies have shown that heavy exposure to heavy act on television violence can increase the aggressive behavior particular to boys (Pediatrics and health care). Furthermore the media has also shown that media teaches kids that violence is acceptable. Video games show kids and teenagers the way to win with a punch, kick, or to knock them out (Julia Ransohoff).Studies has shown that a 4year old has a greater possibility of becoming or being a bully when they get older if they continue to watch these terrible and violent acts on television (Julia Ransohoff). Also if kids are accustom to violent behavior on TV or different types of violent behavior even if it is through other forms of media can also make young adults or even teenagers act more violently (Julia Ransohoff).Some games you might even have to kill your opponent. More or less its shows that kids that grow up to being adults drastically impact about 13 percent of the U.S population (Julia Ransohoff). Most of them that grew up to being violent ended up with single offender that led up to 28 percent and many types of offender violent crimes that was higher than the single offender and that percent is 48 (Julia Ransohoff). This could be because most children try to imitate the aggressive behavior, so they someone that they can connect to someone that has a similar behavior to them. 
Furthermore sexual interaction also affects teenagers. Other studies link that television or the internet’s publicity of suicides is an increase to this effects (Pediatrics and health care). Mainly studies show that website like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and ASK has a big effect on suicides rates about 55% sites focus on suicides and methods of how to accomplish it (Public Health). Examples of these websites like Google and Yahoo has the highest number of dedicated suicide sites (Public Health). Things like this can affect children, teenagers and young adults who suffer from depression. Between 1967 and 1996 there was an increase to about 270% in sexual interactions from 2000 to 2100 hours (Pediatrics and health care). This was probably effect to effect of teenagers watching sexual films on television and do not know what to do with all of what they saw. Most teens today has a higher chance end up having sex or even attempt to engage in sexual acts than people who are married because if they see it on either on television or on the internet they might become wary of it and want to try it. TV shows in this generation portray the “cool kids” or “Gangster” Types as ones who are either engaging in sex or peer pressuring someone to engage in it too (Julia Ransohoff).