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Mir Siddika
Professor: Zenaida Bough

Go The Wrong Way

Go The Wrong Way by Martha Nussbaum’s short article, is mainly about how students become routinize in their later life. She states, “you need resources to prevent your mind from becoming narrower and more routinized in later life”. I think she was referring from her state that, when you gain something for your career, after you challenging your mind and completing big task in college. I felt she was saying that college is harder and challenging that you will have to finish for your bright future.

You will develop strength of mind and an ordered intellect. You will also learn that thinking has its own grammar, its own orderly structure and set of rules for good use. Many subjects help the student to develop an ordered mind, and each subject contributes in a slightly different way. A careful study of computer programming or mathematics or music or logic or good poetry or all of these will irresistibly demonstrate the structure of thought and knowledge and intellectual movement, and will create the habit of organized thinking and of rational analysis. Once you develop good thinking habits, you will be able to perform better in any job, but more importantly, the happier your life will be.

I think the more you learn and the more you can learn for example: Knowledge builds upon knowledge. When you learn something, your brain remembers how you learned it and sets up new pathways, and if necessary, new categories, to make future learning faster. The strategies and habits you develop also help you learn more easily. In terms of the psychology of learning, in order for new information to be transferred from short-term memory into long-term