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Raquita Fleming
Religion & Philosophy
Father Yarisah
September 2, 2013

We have so many different religions out here in today’s society there is a lot and you may wonder why we don’t have just one. Well I am here to explain why not and I will be comparing and contrasting three monotheistic religions which are: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. I will discuss the uniqueness of each religion regarding their beliefs and basic teachings. Also will be talking about each religion background information, on how they religion got started. Who were their founding fathers and how where they able to find their religion. I will explain the symbols and they kinds of food that each religion is alike and don’t eat alike. The first Religion I will talk about is Judaism it was formed 1300 B.C which is one of the most scholar date Abraham who was one of their forefathers. There is set to believe that there could be four founding fathers of Judaism. Who are God, Moses, Abraham and historical authorities? The original language of Judaism is Hebrews. The origin of Judaism is Canaan and that is a biblical name for the religion. That came about because of the Jordan and the Mediterranean River. The symbol for Judaism is the “Star of David”. The Star of David is a six pointed star made up of two triangles. Sometimes they refer the Star of David being called Megan David. Which in Judaism means the “Shield of David”? some Christians and Muslims have used the Star of David in previous years also sometimes associated with the King Of Solomon instead of King David. The sacred text is Tanakh which is an acronym of The Bible name Torah Nevi’im and Ketuvim. Our first five bibles are names after the Torah; Exodus, Numbers Leviticus, Genesis, and Deuteronomy. The place where the Jews worship is called the synagogue or sometimes the temple. There holy days are called Passover and Hanukkah. The Talmud was also the oral Torah and was compared to the rabbinical commentary. The leaders of Judaism are called Rabbis. Judaism today is much better and it is one the oldest religion that still exists today. Judaism started in a small nation by the Hebrews. So many years had passed with the Jews going through rough times. They suffered dispersion, persecution and occasional victory. As we look on the religion today we have at least 14 million Jews. Today is more complex which incorporates both nation and religion. This all comes down to strict adherence and ritual laws with more liberal attitude on religion beliefs. Judaism has been a major part in shaping the world today this is not in common western categories like race, religion, ethnicity or culture. Unlike Christians Judaism have been influenced by so many different contacts like Egyptians, Babylon and Persians. Christianity was formed 33 C.E and it was known for the traditional date for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The founders of Christianity are Jesus, Peter and Paul. Many different scholars date the rise of Christianity as a religious belief system. Some of holy days are ester, Christmas, Good Friday, Palm Sunday and Ash Wednesday. Then in the first century under the leadership went over to apostles. Most Christian’s beliefs were center on the life of Jesus of Nazareth he was a teacher and he healed the first century Palestine. The symbol for Christianity is a Cross, and Dove some people claim their can be more. But the more common one is the cross that everyone can recognize. Teachings based on the themes of the kingdom of god, love of god and love of thy neighbor. We as Christians believed that Jesus rose from the dead three days after his burial, and made it possible for those who believed that sins can be forgiven and attain eternal life. The distinctive belief of mainstream of Christianity if the doctrine of Trinity. Meaning we view god as one god consisting of the three persons; the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. We as Christians