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How can the thing we hold to the highest honor being president, and the way you become there. The electoral college the biggest question we have in the way we elect our highest honor but shouldn’t something with that much of power behind it there should be no reform plans no questions on it and it should be absolutely perfect. Can you say that this plan is perfect or can it be improved through maybe even one of these reform plans? Or would it be better maybe with something different that n one has even thought of? What we have is 4 plans set into play and the question is which one if any do you pick and why would you pick one and is it even possible to change any time soon with the need to have to change the constitution. Here in my paper I will do my best to pick the best outcome possible for a system to help select the most important job in this country the highest part of power and for this there is no room for error.

I must first start with explaining the system in place now and why it was changed, The Electoral College. It is an indirect way of choosing a president, which consists of 538 electors, which in part officially select the president and the vice president of the United States. It consists of 435 representatives and 100 senators plus the 3 electors from the District of Columbia, which are all, decided by the vote of the people in that state known as the popular vote. This is how it is now after we changed it with the twelfth amendment, which replaced what is called “the original plan” or Article 2, section 1, clause 3 changing the many aspects of the electoral college and the way the president is selected this was changed after the elections 1796 and 1800. Due to that in 1796 two opposing partys ended u in the white house working together John adams The president and Thomas Jefferson which was a horrible mess. But only worse followed with the election of 1800 where to avoid the what had happened the previous year each party nominated two canidates 1 for president 1 for vice president. So it was now, The Federalist ticket of John Adams and the