How Did The Scientific Revolution Affect The Religions Across The World

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Corey Dillard
Period 4
Mr. Denney
Questions for Human Web 1) How did the scientific Revolution affect the religions across the world? a) By some of the greatest thinkers and scientist in the world looking at all the possibilities and realities they see around them they began to make many theories towards what created the world. This also began to start the enlightenment movement that transformed society forever. It began to open the thoughts of a stable controlled government with different sectors to control it. It also allowed for the creation of the thought of the space around earth and the true astronomical things that surround their world. 2) How did the arrival of new sea trading networks change the worlds’ overall web? b) With the arrival of trade within the Indian Ocean and the pacific and Atlantic seas the overall unity of the countries in the world slowly began to increase. With the type of connections that were being built through the trading of new technology, each country began to get its own gain in technology and religion. The spread of Religion through maritime trade also resulted in the desire to search for more converts for Christianity throughout the years. 3) How did military technology change from 1450-1750? c) An increase use of naval technology began to allow much more sea trade and journeys to begin. The increased desire to use naval traveling technique you begin to see the love of maritime trade and you also begin to see desire to have control over the Indian ocean trade route. It was impossible to have long time control over such a vast amount of space and the Europeans were very determined to gain it. 4) How did disease affect the advancement of the world from 1450-1800’s? d) The large lasting effect of disease in the 1450’s brought the population down very low in the Americas as the maritime trade increased. With more than 14 different types of diseases that were being spread into the Americas, population control was very easy to do. As medical science transformed during the scientific revolution the discovery of cures and medication to better increase the life span on humans, life began to be much more sustainable. 5) How did U.S change over time? e) The U.S slowly began to increase their population rate in their use of slaves and labor in the beginning of their existence. As they began to slowly advance and get new technologies they began to desire more land, so they spread from east to west in the U.S states. After gaining a large portion of the land from Thomas Jefferson