Richard Rodriguez Research Paper

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Research Paper Why Richard Rodriguez? Why does his work catch my eye? What makes his work more prominent than other authors? I can’t persuade one to change his/her opinion on the interest of his/her author. I can however provide details on how mine is a work of art. Richard Rodriguez, a man with no shame, splendid powers of deduction, and innovative writing. My reasoning shall be revealed in due time. Rodriguez has really enthused my writing. He has given me a more creative, and more, in-depth kind of thinking in my writing. His race and his sexuality are just assets to the man with the ink. What do I mean? I mean that others could be prejudice to either his ethnicity or homosexuality. Revealing one’s identity of sexuality is crucial in a career where people throughout the world criticize it. A good example of this is, Adam Lambert. A star who was contesting in and was supposedly going to win the hit show American Idol until he revealed his sexuality. Some say he was going to win and others say that has nothing to do with it. Now, I deem myself as a respectful and understanding guy. Therefore, I don’t judge the man himself (why would I be writing about him if I was), I judge his work. Some of the works I will be critiquing are a few essays, Cowboys and Indians, which is one of his more recent works, Se Habla Espanol, Zero Times One and a chapter out of his most famous work, Hunger of Memory. I’ve specifically chosen articles that are spread out through his career. Even though these four articles are spread through a decade of time, it is still noteworthy to evaluate to his progression in writing. Each of these writings are different, but cover the same idea. Rodriguez is Spanish (the Mexican descent) and he is a homosexual. Is that all there is to know though? Of course it is! What else could there be to know about an author? Sarcasm, that is what modern terminology defines as being ignorant, or hilarious, or both. As I said before, Rodriguez has enthused my writing, so there must be more to him. Well, Rodriguez’s home life and family life was what you’d imagine it to be a Mexican growing up in America, tough, to say the least. Having to deal with common