Bob Mirley Vs. Jackson

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Summary Artist along the years has come and go, but to me only two has truly made a strong impact in my life and I believe other people would have to agree with me as well, this two artist would have to be Bob Marley and Michael Jackson. Both with their contemporary sense of music style and profound knowledge of the world. I would have to say that it would be an understatement to say that they helped shaped the world that we live in today. They have both led the way for a new generation of free thinkers and innovators. I cant help but think that they have both contributed in our modern cultural world and how much they are under appreciated. But even with Michael Jackson's iconic name I would still have to say that Bob Marley was still the better man. He grew up with strong moral values even when he had no father around growing up. He wanted people to have better their life through better thinking. He told tales of future times when men could no longer be tormented by troublesome times. Instead of putting out hate, he spoke of love no matter what perplexing moments in life he had. He had many followers from all parts of life. That's is also one of the greatest things with Bob Marley, he has a well respectable name because of his prospective in life. While M.J. may have came into this world not knowing what may seem childhood like, he needed to grow up for his kids so that he could have raised them up the right way. The way I see it he is still on his juvenile stage in life and with this, he is unable to raise his children under the same circumstances that he is in mentally. How could he tell his kid what not to do if he didn't experience it himself. For the most part all he did is contemplate on how sad his life was during his whole child hood and he never grew out of it. What sent me into an awestruck was how similar was their adolescent