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Is Reality T.V. actually Reality?
Jeanne’ Broussard
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English Composition II

Reality television isn’t reality these days. In actuality is the farthest thing from what goes on in the real world. People are portraying the wrong views amongst viewers just to get ratings up. There are so many things being done on television that are being emulated by others and it’s not the right image to portray. These days the focus of the world is worrying about your outside image such as hair, clothes, and style and no one is focused on the more important things in life. I would like to see better television shows that actually show what goes on in a real life setting to broadcast across the television.
Although reality television can be very entertaining, these days it’s not actually portraying what today reality is. An article from Fox News states "It is as fake as they come," he insisted. "The producer casts people then puts them into roles they are not aware of until they see the show and by then it is too late. Their public images are ruined for life. People who never even knew them now hate them for how they were falsely portrayed.” Although these shows are called reality, the stars of the show are just actors. They often cannot even relate to the character they are playing on television. Sometimes the shows are edited how the producers want them to be in turn causing them to have a bad reputation to viewers. Even though it is funny to watch these shows I think they should show the real lives of the people and not what others would want to watch. I feel like we as viewers are forming bad opinions of people just by what we see and it might be the exact opposite of that person.
“A definition of reality TV is programs that show things that are really taking place, rather than drama or quality that follows a script. Reality TV involves a group of people who are not trained actors being filmed over a period of time” ( That makes me really feel like anyone could get on TV and portray an image because as that article states they are untrained actors. Dating shows, weight loss programs, fashion shows, radio shows and game shows is what reality TV is consisting of. In 2007 fall season, there was more than 12 reality shows on prime time networks. Almost every night you could choose from, The Biggest Loser, Real World, Dancing with the Stars, I Love New York, and etc. Reality shows often have a host or a narrator to tell the different events that or taking or about to take place in the segment. Reality TV relies on the camera capturing everything as it happens. The first reality TV show came out on radio in 1940. In the 1950’ it switched over to television. It was called “This is your Life”, and it actually portrayed real life and the participation of real people. The original amateur hour also came out in 1948. It was a talent show where acts performed for a voting audience. “Star Search”, “America’s got Talent”, and “Dancing with the Stars” are just a few shows that were created similar to this show. Some contestants on shows like “Apprentice”, “The Bachelor”, and “Joe Millionaire”, claimed their actions were taken out of context and presented in misleading ways. (Reality Show Structure This leads me to think that parts of the show are edited and fit into place how the producers want it. This will give the audience something that will really interest them and keep them tuned into to the next week’s episode. That is more so of a reason for the shows to keep having reunion’s and parts two, three’s and fours. As long as they can keep the viewers entertained then they will definitely keep tuning in, therefore making the show a big success. So many things are being done on television that who knows what’s right and what’s wrong. The biggest problem I have with the reality shows now is that everything about them are fake. Even though certain shows are created for certain age